5 Reasons why your Startup needs Secure & Reliable High Quality Video

So you had a great idea and you’re past the concept stage, you’re funded and have the key people you need to get ready to launch, now you need to enable effective communications to facilitate a collaborative environment for a successful launch.  High quality and reliable video calling and conferencing is no longer something just for larger companies as pricing models have changed significantly making video both more scalable and affordable than ever before. Enterprise has adopted video over the past decade but here are 5 reasons why you need video calling and conferencing in your startup.

  1. Save money

    Save Money
    Video conferencing saves money by reducing travel expenses and commute times.

    Video calling & conferencing gives your startup great flexibility.  Your people need to use their time effectively.  Video allows your people to communicate quickly, clearly and effectively with each other in one to one and team environments, and to partners, suppliers, customers and new prospects, all without the associated travel expenses or even a centralized workplace.

  2. Save Time

    Save Time
    Video Conferencing turns unproductive travel time into productivity bonus time!

    Video calling & conferencing eliminates low and unproductive travel time whether it is to and from a workplace or hopping a plane to Europe to meet a supplier, customer or prospect. Video allows your people to meet anytime to brainstorm new ideas or solve problems. Everyone is just one touch away!

  3. Look Professional

    When pitch your products and ideas to a global audience you need to look good.  High quality video is paramount to effectively communicate with your own people and to reach a global audience cost effectively.

    Happy People = Successful Startup!
    Happy People = Successful Startup!
  4. Happy People

    In any organization and especially in a startup, you want your people to be happy.  The people in your startup will be happier know that they will not have to commute on a daily basis. Immersive Video will bring your people together even when you don’t have a centralized workplace.

  5. Success!

    After your startup has launched successfully you will continue to use video as your primary communications and collaborations tool.

    Ready to Launch!
    We have liftoff!

    As your business grows, you will continue to enjoy the benefits and efficiencies of video calling and finding many new applications for video such as recruiting, all the while maintaining your image of a cutting edge organization ready to meet the world head-on.

High quality video conferencing is now very affordable and scalable, allowing you to get started with a minimal investment and grow as your startup grows.

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